Welcome to the official SOcontent website!

The site isn't quite ready yet and we are currently unable to use the latest SOcontent CVS to power this site as our MySQL database hasen't been setup yet.

Announcement mailing list now available

You can download the latest release of SOcontent below:

SOcontent 1.0 - Zip Archive Bzip2 compressed Tar Archive

See the file docs/readme.txt inside the archieve for instructions.

If you want to browse our CVS (once it is available), or submit bug reports, you can do all this through our SF Project Page.

If you need help with SOcontent or any other SOphp scripts, please visit our user support forum.

SOcontent is just one script developed by SOphp. To find out more about SOphp, click here.

We will continue to update this site with more news and stuff about SOcontent. Hopefuly, we will soon be able to bring you a preview of SOcontent 1.1 from our CVS. This should happen once our MySQL database has been setup.


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